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Payment, donations and access

Postby Manonatha Dasa » Friday 10 March 2017, 19:09

We are not businessmen, we didn't create Isvara Academy to make money. We love what we do and think that it's useful to society.
But we need your donations to cover the many management costs.

In the presentation pages of each book you will find ther suggested minimum annual donation.

You can make the payment by clicking above.

If you have Paypal sara' facilissimo, bastera' accedere al vostro conto.
If you don't have Paypal you cand send the donations with your credit card.
If you don't have Paypal nor a credit card send us an email and we'll find some alternative.

In the same pages you'll find the links of that book on Amazon, in Kindle format or in the traditional paper format.

Once you have chosen the books, please notify us with an email and in no time you will have access to the area reserved for you.

By the entire of Isvara Academy staff, thank you for your generosity.
Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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