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Manonatha Dasa
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The Living Books project

Postby Manonatha Dasa » Saturday 11 March 2017, 8:17

What would happen if after publishing a book, regardless of the time past, I should wish to change the syntax of a paragraph, or simply want to change something to make it more understandable to the general public or wanted to add a concept or a story?

And if a reader told me: "In my opinion this is missing", or argued: "I think there is a punctuation error"?
In the old days, once a book was published, there was no opportunity to change.

Internet and the sale "on demand" they changed the rules and at the same time increased opportunities for those who, like myself, love to study and write books.

The "Living Books Project" of Isvara Academy wants to seize the opportunity of the new innovations by introducing the possibility, for those who are interested, of

- suggest formal corrections to the text,
- offer information to add,
- ask questions that, with the answers, will become integrated parts in the book itself.

Every time that a text has the slightest change you find news on the Academy Forum.

Another interesting element is to see the growth of a new book. You can access the text from the first day, from the first page and, if desired, even participate in the drafting of the text.

Once a book will have had substantial changes will be published in paper format in a new revised edition. So we will have, just as an example, the Maha-bharata 1993 edition, 2017, 2021, etcetera.

A new idea that I hope you will appreciate.
Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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